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Dear soon to be full time professional punter,

Would you like to turn £100 into £51,200 tax free in just 9 months?

Starting with a betting bank of just £100 and doubling the bank just once a month using the Cheltenham System would have turned the original bank into the staggering sum of £51, 200 in just 9 months!

The cumulative effect of increasing your betting bank in the way is extremely powerful and it is exciting to watch your betting bank grow dramatically as the season progresses.

These figures are not pie in the sky. The whole plan is realistic with a sound logical race selection method followed by a clever money management technique.

Just follow the system step by step and you will not fail to make money. 

You decide how much money you want!

Of course if you started with a bigger betting bank you would reach this target a lot quicker.

Make the dream a reality!

When you read this full letter you'll discover how you can use a little known horse racing investment strategy to generate a fountain of money for life!

You'll discover 

A betting system that really works. 

The Cheltenham system has been back tested over many years and has made a profit every year without fail. My years of experience in the betting game has taught me what most punters are looking for from a racing system is short losing runs with the confidence to place decent sized bets without the fear of racking up soul destroying large losses. This is exactly what the Cheltenham System can offer you now. The system works at any Cheltenham meeting so you can use it all through the National Hunt season.

A system that is easy to use

I know you want to make extra cash but you also want a system that is easy to follow and implement. The Cheltenham system has clear instructions. It is a step by step plan so you spend little time and fuss selecting your bets.

I have been involved in horse racing for over 20 years and have tried to find a system that could make ordinary punters like yourself a regular income.

At the beginning of this year I decided to start checking through all of my systems and results to see there was any pattern between the horses that won and the horses that had been beaten. After spending lengthy periods ploughing through old form books and results, it was becoming clearer and clearer that I have found something good - very good.

I came to the conclusion that……

By far the biggest advantage you have over the bookmaker is you race selection and choice of track.

Here is a quote from one of the major bookmakers.........

“A bookmaker has to price up for every race at every track but a punter can pick and choose which races to operate in. This is by far that greatest advantage a punter has over a bookmaker”

The Cheltenham system tells you which races to use.

Let me explain a little bit more about the different ways of betting………..

There are three ways to make money from gambling -

1. Form Study

Disadvantages - Takes too long for the average punter and everyone usually comes up with the same conclusion. The selection is usually the forecast favourite.

2. Paying for a professional tipster - Disadvantages - although there are good tipsters many charge too much for the average punter. Also a large betting bank is usually required.

3. Horse racing systems - Advantages - bets can be found quickly and easily. Systems results can be backdated and checked. You can start with a small betting bank then reinvest the profits. 

As you can see by far the best option is to use Horse racing systems


As a bookmakers customer you are free to bet on as many or as few races as you choose, but how does the average punter act?

He goes into the bookmakers and bets on everything that moves! No one can expect to make a profit betting like this. 

It is crucial to select your races very carefully.

The Cheltenham system show you exactly which races to select. When you purchase the Cheltenham system you will see that choosing your races carefully and applying a systematic approach to your selections and the size of your bets, that its possible to use your advantage to make regular profits from horse racing.

Over the next few months using this system it will take you from a novice punter to making an extra £1000 or more per month……………and having the time of your life………

No job, no boss, no tax to pay!

But heres a word of warning…..

To benefit from this system you need to be disciplined. You see the only way you can fail is by not sticking to the rules….not following the systems methods and advice to the letter.

Let me be very clear about this. Its important. If you cant be disciplined, or intend to have extra fun bets when you are £500 up on the day then please don't apply for the Cheltenham system.

But if you have a little spare money to play with and the self discipline to use it wisely I don't think you could make a better investment than the Cheltenham system.  With a job for life now a thing of the past there has never been a better time to make extra money from the sport of kings

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I have to be in the bookmakers all day?

Definitely not. All bets can be placed in the morning before racing starts. You wont see many punters who make the big money hanging round a bookmakers shop all day. If fact the vast majority never see a bookmakers. Nor will you see them placing a large multiple bets. That's for mug punters. Successful punters place their bets over the phone or internet on a few carefully selected wagers each week.

Q: Can the bets be found quickly?

All the best can be found in under 10 minutes. If you want a system that is reliable with no long losing runs that is easy to operate. If you want a system that is easy to operate and one that makes its selections so that the bets can be place in advance of the racing then this is it. Moreover if you want a system that has proven profits over many years then the Cheltenham system is for you.

Q: If the formula is so good why are you offering it to me?

Because there is nothing more satisfying to me than helping fellow racing enthusiasts beating our old enemy the bookmakers.

Plus there is a limit to how much money I can make from this system on my own. I can only win from particular bookmakers a certain number of times using a system so that I do not ‘hit’ the same bookmaker too often and find myself blacklisted. Winning around £1000 a week is my recommended level to help you ensure you can still place bets year in year out.

Q: How does the system work?

The Cheltenham system has nothing to do with forecast favourites, premium rate lines, forecast bets etc. Sticking to the easy to follow step-by-step guidelines a child could understand must be observed though.

Q: Do I have to bet with real money straight away when I receive the formula?

Definitely not. If you wish to place imaginary bets then check the results you will be able to see how much money you would have won using real money.

Q: I have tried so called winning systems before and none of them have worked. How do I know yours will be any different?

There are people who take pride in delivering a good product. I am one of them. Look, If I didn't have something that provides you the customer with real value, theres no way this letter would have been written let alone mailed. 

When I say no catches - I really mean it. I have been marketing this system in strictly limited numbers and I haven't had one complaint yet. Not a single one!

Q: Can you explain more about the free bonus Lucky 15 Bet

Last year we gave out the 3 winners from 4 bets  12/1,
16/1,9/2 just missing out on the massive payout but still making massive profits for you!I would hate you to miss out! This year we are going to smash it and get all 4 winners! I had many letter from clients how they had paid for new cars,winter cruises etc with their winnings.


Since selling a limited number of copies the feedback has been phenomenal. These letters range from being very impressed to reports of going full time in a big way. One letter in particular though struck the right cord with me. He simply thanked me for being straight with him about the game. He said It was like being a member of an exclusive club.

100% Iron-Clad Lifetime MoneyBack Guarantee

The totally unique Cheltenham system is guaranteed to keep winning for you - otherwise a full refund will become available promptly and courtesy by post.Lifetime Guaranteed.

How to receive your copy of this highly profitable horse racing system

I am offering the Cheltenham system at this time for only £34.77. Its value is obviously much higher but there is no point in pricing it to of reach of the very people who can make the best use of it.

I will not run on about the fortune you can make with this system. The new car, holidays, paying off the credit cards etc. I will simply draw your attention to one customer who wrote to me recently to tell me that he had made 17 points profit on his first day using the system. 

Another customer recently sent me a copy of a system he paid nearly £500 for. He was sick at heart because he said it was nowhere near as powerful as The Cheltenham system (and I had to agree with him)

Please click on the payment button below and instantly download your copy of the Cheltenham system. You will have a horse racing formula that practically straight away will have you winning every National Hunt season guaranteed

 Don't forget! to claim your free Big Lucky15 Bet but you must be one of the first 50  to download a copy otherwise you will miss the boat and your chance will be gone forever!

PPS I am confidently staking the future of my business on the performance of these bets this national hunt season. I know that this will soon be the most sought after system in horse racing. Get onboard now before its too late. Applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Once our strict limit has been reached the system will no longer be available and your payment will be returned.

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