They all Laughed When I Said: "I CAN Beat The Bookie!”…



If you've ever lost money to the bookie it's....

Your Payback Time…

& here's the....



Dear friend,

I'm guessing that you're thinking something like, 'No way mate, you cannot make money from the bookie, because the bookie always wins"........That's ok. I've been there and I understand exactly....BUT what if I could show you ABSOLUTE PROOF, that it is possible?

Yes, I've heard all this talk before.....

...But I know you have never seen anything like this before. Nobody has ever written a book that contains the absolute proof you need. I mean proof beyond a shadow of doubt that… CAN beat the bookie and make very good money from him!

Take a look at this letter (this is not proof. Just another happy punter).


Dear Paul,

Your system arrived on today. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I'm not ashamed to say that over the years I have bought loads of Rubbish. But this method is something e1se. I had 1 bet on Saturday, a winner at 6/1. On Sunday another was going well but fell. And a winner at a stonking 16/1 on the Monday. I bet each selection £25 each way and made a profit of €, £630 in THREE days. THE NEXT TWO DAYS (Tuesday, Wednesday) there were 2 races; I bet them both £20 eachway. One was unplaced, but the other one finished first at 16/1. Another £260 in the bank! I imagine that you probably know these results, but I just wanted you to know how absolutely delighted I am. Now that I have your system, I can tell you that you have (in my opinion) grossly underpriced it. In two days I have recovered the cost of the book over and over. Happy that no-one else in my area can purchase this powerful method.

Yours Sincerely



How would you have liked to have been the punter that picked up those winnings? You could have been. From these same selections, I picked up quite a bit more. But then I do tend to invest a little heavier, but that's because I already know how well the system works.

Sounds Too Good To Be True Doesn't It?

Yes, of course it does! But if I were standing in front of you, with the proof of the pudding so to speak, what would you think then?

When I decided to share my secret with a few carefully chosen people like yourself, the biggest problem I had was actually providing the proof, without me standing in front of you. A mountain of books has been written on this subject over the years, most are full of empty promises from con merchants.

You have to believe me when I tell you that my system proves to you without a shadow of doubt, that YOU CAN MAKE HUGE PROFITS




How It All Came About

I had been enjoying a flutter on the horses for over thirty years. Although it seems strange now to say that I 'enjoyed' it. Because, I was in fact losing hard earned cash.

Nothing enjoyable about that!

I suppose I should have said, I was addicted to a flutter on the horses.


I got so sick of losing I started looking for something that would give me an edge over the bookmaker. I used to save hundreds of copies of The Racing Post so that I could study past results and analyse the 'what, why and when' of it all. It was strange, because for a while, I actually stopped having those flutters. So now I was saving money, and at the same time, I was enjoying the thrill of the search.


While everyone else was studying the races to come, I was studying the races that had gone. Sounds crazy I know, but I had tried the usual ways and every so-called 'system' out there. They didn't work then, and they don't work now. What kept me going is that I knew that I was searching for something real. It wasn't some fantasy (like a lottery winning system).


FACT - Thousands of people each year make a very tasty living from professional gambling and this is because the results are not simply a matter of random chance.

Then one day, right out of the blue, I picked up on something that captured my imagination. I studied it.....tested the results.....refined it.....and damn near wet myself when I realised the potential of what I had found....It knocked me for six.


I had at last discovered A Consistent Winning Method ….

I have been using this unique discovery for a few years now, and when you hold it in your own hands and actually see it with your own eyes, the results will truly astound you. You'll be Blow away, I promise. But actually proving it to sceptical people was my biggest challenge. It was my wife  who suggested that I should show and explain how I make my selections in a simple step by step process anyone can follow.....Brilliant!



These are the current results. (The ones you've missed.). Check them out!

Won 7/1, Won 5/1,Won 6/1,Won 5/1 2nd, 13/2, Won 4/1,Won 9/2,Won 8/1, Lost,  Won 5/1,  Won 16/1,  Won 6/1  2nd at l0/l, Won 8/1 2nd 7/1, Won 7/1, Won 100/30 , 2nd at ll/2,  Won 12/1,  Lost,  Won 5/1, Won 5/1, Won 8/1, Won 4/1, 2nd 4/l, Won 7/1,  Won l2/l, Won 16/l, Won 7/1, 3rd 11/1, Won 10/1, 2nd, 16/l.

Here is a typical week:-

  • Monday - Won 16/1
  • Tuesday - lost
  • Wednesday - Won 8/1
  • Thursday - lost
  • Friday – Won 7/2
  • Saturday - Won 9/2
Download a copy here


"My Brand New System" will show you how and why all these selections were made. Then you will be able to do it for yourself. Let me show you how much money I made over the page - Forgive me for gloating but I just want to show you what is possible for YOU.

The Stakes

When I started using my system the stakes were about £10 each way. All my bets are each way. Ask any bookmaker, and he'll tell you that he hates each way betting. In fact, they hate them that much that many on-course bookies won't even accept each way bets.

As my confidence in the new system grew, so did my bank and so did my stakes. Now, I normally bet fifty to a hundred pounds each way. When you start to use my system you will obviously want to start small until you have proven to yourself that it works. That's okay. You can bet as much or as little as you like.


Let's look at the last three days....

On day one I had £70 each way on the first selection Won @ 5/l

On day two I had £75 each way on the second selection 2nd @ l3/2

On day three I had £70 each way on the third selection Won @ 8/1

Returns..... ..£1544.50

Less Stakes..................£468.70

Profit £1075.80

My amazing system pinpointed these three selections for me. There were no other bets on the day.

One Thousand and Seventy Five Pounds and Eighty

Pence in THREE DAYS!!!

£1075.80 IN THREE DAYS!


That's pure 'cash in the back pocket' profit

That’s more than most people get for a whole week at work!

Nothing can hurt my brand new system. It will just keep working year after year......The only question is: - do you want to start WINNING or carry on as you are?


Does all of this seem unrealistic to you? Well just consider this: Yes, I suppose I could have reduced my stakes to make the winnings look more believable. But believable to whom? The rich guy, who may think peanuts?.....The poor guy, who may think it's a fortune?....You, who may be rich or poor?......Me?

I don't need to convince myself. I have my winning system safely tucked away in safe keeping

I want to give you the opportunity to make some real money. I'll make money as well, of course I will. But it will just be a bit of cream off the top. If someone had shown me this system thirty years ago, I would have saved a flaming fortune, never mind made one.


You won't have any trouble understanding my system because the easy to follow steps are simplicity themselves. You know the saying "a picture paints a thousand words?" Well that's exactly what the system does.


Strictly Time-Limited Offer

I am going to issue just one copy of my brand new system per post code area. I am offering this to you, exclusively - but you must act quickly to secure your post code area for yourself. You have fist choice from today. If I don't hear from you by then - too late! I will offer it to someone else in your area.


Why only one copy per post code area? Well imagine if there was half a dozen people, using the same system, making the same selections, using the same bookie? They would stop taking your bets. It's hard enough as it is. But thankfully there are plenty of bookies out there. (Telephone betting, Internet betting and 1000’s of Betting shops). But I want it to be exclusive to a limited number of people (for obvious reasons). I am sure you understand.


Don't Try and Guess

If you're trying to guess what it's all about? Let me help by telling you what it's NOT about:-  Form... Trainers... Jockeys... the Draw... the Going... CD winners...C winners... D winners... Favs... Btn favs... 2nd favs... Courses... Ratings... Naps...Tips... 10yr Trends... Longest Travellers... Staking systems... Number of days since last run... Finishing position in last race... Ages... Birthdays... Percentages...Amateurs... Sellers... Claimers... Computers... The Internet... Steamers that go l4/1 l2/l 10/1 8/1 6/1 4/l 2/l for all the world to see and then lose... Systems that have you doubling up and all that sort of nonsense. A little tip - If a tipster ever offers you advice, providing that you put your money on for him, stay clear, you will be ripped off. Believe me!


Been there - seen it - done it - tried them all - lost LOTS of dosh.


I say 'forget all that.' Why not try something which actually WORKS for a change?


It took me thirty years to discover the secret of  making real cash from horse racing. You can learn it NOW in just one evening.


If you decide it’s not for you

 Let me apologise for wasting your time. I'm no letter writer by any stretch of the imagination - I just tell it like it is.

The thing is... I'm sure that if I stood in front of you with this proof you would be amazed. This is a truly remarkable discovery and I would hate for you to miss out.

But let me give you some (free) advice, as a 'Thank You' for reading this far, even if you do not decide to invest in a proven winning system.

  • Never follow form…. If the form had any value whatsoever everyone would win.
  • Never follow trainers....Did you know that the top trainers win about 15-20% of their races? That's 80-85% losers. The same applies to the jockeys.
  • Never follow the favourites....on average 1 in 4 favourites win. But which one? And at what silly price?
  • Never take consideration of the going or the draw....To do so you'll have to read the form. Bad move
  • Never ring expensive telephone lines.
  • Never subscribe to 'insider information’.

To be brutally honest with you - Never bet again. Until you've seen and read, my brand new racing system,’

This method will change the way you look at racing. (By the way, this works over the sticks as well as the flat).

Your 100% Money-Back Guarantee

"I will prove to you that there is a link between every single race and show you how to make this work for you. You will see how you would have picked the same winners as I did. You will see for yourself how, by using, my brand new racing System" you can make winning selections in the future. Also, just for good measure, if any of the results are not  to your liking..........I will give you your money back.

Download a copy here


With this sort of guarantee. What have you got to lose?

Only a select few have access to this amazing method and that's the way it is going to stay. You can probably see how valuable this information is, and how important it is to me that it is does not become over exposed. That is why I decided on one copy per post code area. This will of course protect your interest as well as mine'

I have been told by my publishers that the information I am giving away is worth its weight in gold. It was suggested that I should be charging over two thousand pounds per package! That’s equivalent to two weeks winnings for me using my system.

Remember, this information is going to last you forever!

I know that they are worth that much, and more. But I'm not going there. I am going to charge you only £147. Half up front(£147), and the other half when you have won one thousand pounds as a direct result of using my system.

I don’t know when you reach £1,000, because I won't know your stakes. But, I'll know you’re winning because I will be backing the same selections. But I won’t know how much you're winning. So, on that score I will trust you. I know you will be highly delighted with your winnings and that you will happily pay me the second instalment off £147.'


If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, you can download it by clicking the button below…..

"I don't just say I can beat the bookie, I PROVE it' I do hope you take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. The proof is in the package....I Guarantee It."


I'm going to tell you something now that you will probably find hard to believe. I know I run the risk of losing all credibility, but I'll take that chance, because what I'm about to tell you is the truth. The best weeks racing I ever had was six bets  and one non-runner. I could have said two or three to make it sound more believable, but the truth is I had six 'system' bets in one week.


These are the results 1st 9/2. 1st l2/l. Lost 1st 7/1. 1st 7/l. and 2nd 16/1 EW.


I know they look incredible. But I GUARANTEE I will show you how you would have picked them for yourself had you had my manual at the time. My biggest fear is that you will dismiss these results because they look too good to be true. But I can't water down the truth ,this is why I have to be careful about how many copies of my system get into circulation.



You won’t have seen anything like this before because nobody has ever written a system that contains the step by step process you need to consistently win.


“In My Honest Opinion…This Is The ONLY Genuine Proven Horse  Racing system That Really WILL Win You Money"- Mr.Edward Myers


        100% Proven System

        Easy To Operate

        Quick to Put into Action

        High strike Rate (up to 85%!)

        Anyone Over 18 Can Use This

        Use At Your Local Bookmaker

        Use With Online Bookmakers

        No Lay Betting (Betting on a horse to lose)

        No Chasing Losses

There's limited packages available because I don't want every man and his dog using this for obvious reasons' you’re one of a small handpicked group I am telling about this. Please don't miss your chance to get hold of this remarkable system........I believe this will change your life!

Beyond a shadow of doubt and you will certainly use this to win money for the rest of your life. You will be one of the very few people in the U.K who actually do make money from horse racing. Get hold of your package now because I know you will be delighted....In fact I guarantee it, download a copy below and don’t miss out.


PS. You will own a genuine racing system that works and is backed up with A CAST IRON GUARANTEE

Grab A Copy Of My Brand New System Today Before It's Too Late

Don't hesitate a moment longer! There's CASH to be won and Bookies to be beaten! All you need to do now is click the button below to download your copy Immediately...




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